How Much Can You Know Your Customer?

It’s a normal tendency of people or customer’s to take full use of the facilities provided by any organizations, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, and resorts. But it always comes to a point where these industries have to ask can they get anything out of the free services they provide to their customers. 

And the answer surprisingly is yes, all the free services provided can’t give you a definite return, but one does. It’s WiFi, nowadays a common facility provided by every industry. It’s a gateway to more knowledge and accessibility for people connected to it, providing your business an indirect line and contact to every customer that connects to your network.

Now the biggest question that arises is, 

what can you do with indirect contact?

The answer is quite simple. You can understand your customer’s better. The tools of modern technology allow you ample opportunity to know your customer’s behavior, needs, requirements, and mindset. 

So the next question that arises is,

how can you do that?

It’s quite simple, As your customers connect to your network, So you can monitor their online presence understanding their requirements and requirements, which allows you to improve your facilities to cater to their needs. 

Some prime examples for it are, consider a resort hosting a variety of customers from around the world. if the majority of their search requires transport for their stay you can add a transportation facility in your services. The same goes for other facilities like food(what cuisines they might require), gift shops( what items are customers interested in), Clothing outlets (what clothes they might need), and lot others.

How can TunningSpot help you with this and more?

TunningSpot is a complete WiFi solution that allows you to provide a full ability to manage, control, and monitor Internet usage.

TunningSpot Provides you with Features as Manage Connections, Activity Monitoring, Application Filtering, Content Deployment, and a lot more.

So, Start to know More.

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