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Know your customers

Know your customer with smart login. Build a Database for future communication and Target Marketing


Publish your brand and content over your network. Play Video, Redirect to Your Website, and Introduce your brand.

Plug & Play

Simple and Easy Configuration. Get Started in minutes with easy integration to your network.


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Manage Your Time To Make Things More Oraganized

TunningSpot is an ideal turnkey Wi-Fi Hotspot Management solution that can assist organizations by giving them the ability to manage, control and monitor Internet usage.


TunningSpot Features

Manage Connection

Easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer's account

Deploy Content

Push your ads, Contents, videos and redirect them to your website when your customer's login to your network

Application Filtering

Take thorough control of your network, choosing specific content categories and applications to make available to the guests

Activity Monitor

Real time customer activity shows download, upload, remaining data transfer quota, time usage. Activity is updated each second for each customer account.

Multiple Access

Create tickets, username accounts and assign them a plan. Configure properties like available time and bandwidth quota, number of logins, expiration date, auto login, inactivity logout, and many more options.

Smart Login

After initial authentication, customers can stay constantly connected without having to re-enter passwords each time they try to access Wi-Fi Hotspot after a period of inactivity.


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TunningSpot is reliable and their support is always available with solutions when you need it. On a customer service level they are second to none and on numerous occasions have gone to great lengths to make system changes to meet our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Oval Infosec Consulting

Syam Krishna

Technical Lead, Asianet Broadband

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